Portable Storage Units for Rent or Sale

Welcome Contain Space! Thanks for stopping by. Contain Space is a Port Angeles, Washington based company that provides convenient and secure storage, living and offices spaces via portable containers that we deliver to your location!  We offer rentalssales and also have attractive, portable vacation rental units.

What's the Big Diff?

When you rent our storage containers, your storage space is on your property, close to your watchful-eyes.  You dictate the level of security and you enjoy the convenience of it being close to you.  When you no longer need it, call us for removal!  

If you need a permanent storage solution, consider the ease of our units as a ready-to-go product.  (Buy your container storage unit from us and there is no need to construct a building!)

The Company

Jaxon and I are movers and builders, who really appreciate a serviceable container. Doesn’t everyone?

During our twelve years of marriage, we have constructed three shouses* and moved nine times and the counting has stopped. (“Please!” Emily implores.)

Contain Space Rentals

Our standard storage container provides nearly 160 sq. ft. internally, you have enough room for your specific storage needs.

This is an ideal storage container size, as it easily accommodates construction storage, remodeling projects, seasonal inventory, healthcare or educational records, small machines, tools or your extra storage needs.

Contain Space Sales

Our standard 8’x20’ containers are for sale, too.

We can also customize a container to meet your specific needs. The possibilities are numerous as we can build for storage, office space or in-container living.

Vacation Rentals by Contain Space

Portable Storage Units for Rent or Sale