Storage Unit FAQs

Why would I want to rent a container?

Many storage facilities have high crime rates.  If you rent a unit, you are unaware of the status of your unit, until you visit it.  Visiting it can be a real pain too.  

With our units, the storage space is on your property, close to your watchful-eyes.  You dictate the level of security and you enjoy the convenience of it being close to you.

How will my container be delivered to my house?

We own and operate a truck that is designed to move shipping containers.

Where is the best place to put a container?

We will consult with you regarding your ideal placement for a container.  Things to consider include level ground, door placement, and proximity for ease of use.

How long can I rent my container?

There is a rental minimum of one month.  There is not a limit to length of time a container can be rented.

Are there any hidden costs?

No.  Your pricing sheet with delivery and pick-up fees and monthly charges are the fees you would be responsible for.

How am I billed?

Need to do credit cards only.

You are billed for a one-time container delivery fee and a one-time pick-up fee.  Each month you are charged for the use of the container.  

You can decide to pay via Paypal, recurring credit card payments or by check.  Invoices will be sent either via email or snail mail.  Whichever is most convenient for you.

Does someone need to be at the location during delivery?

Yes, this allows for good container placement. It also allows for first-time credit card scanning and contract signing.

Does the unit require special care?

You should routinely check your unit for water entry.  If there is any issue with the container, please call Contain Space to make necessary fixes to prevent damage of your goods.  

In addition,  you should grease the hinges and strike plates.

Do I need to use a lock?

You are responsible for the care and safety of your items. A lock secures your goods. A disc lock is most recommended.

Vacation Unit FAQs

Why should I rent a vacation unit?

We have personally experienced the need for something like this. When family visits, there isn’t often enough room or alone space. You could put your family up in a hotel or motel.  

It is nice to be close to your family though. A hotel is a drive away and can be very expensive. A vacation unit in your driveway allows for the close proximity and affordable comfort.  

How much space is needed for a unit?

A unit is 20’ long and 8’ wide and 10’ tall.  A minimum of an additional 2’ on all sides allows for enough room to move the unit.

What is included in the vacation unit?

These container are set-up like mini-homes.  A comfortable bed and small sitting room is included.  Also, a small kitchenette with microwave, sink, hot plate and fridge are provided.  

The bathroom is furnished with a shower, toilet, and sink.  This is all on the small house scale.